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Pre Employment Checks

At MH Investigators we carry out pre employment checks to meet the needs of our clients. We can quickly obtain and verify financial, personal and other historic information to help you make more informed decisions prior to undertaking any financial, contractual or personal commitments.

Employers need to know exactly who they are employing and if they are trustworthy, before they hire them, or risk making the decision to hire somebody who is not who they say they are. All employers are legally required to carry out pre employment checks to ensure they only employ people who are eligible to work in the United Kingdom.

MH Investigators will provide you with a detailed report relating to the person you are considering employing, enabling you to hire with confidence.

Sick Absence Fraud

The annual cost of sickness absence has risen to £29 billion per year for UK Businesses according to the recent study carried out by the chartered institute of personnel and development. However sickness absence, can have a much wider impact on businesses:

Direct Costs

  • Sick pay
  • Temporary cover
  • Additional overtime costs
  • Lost productivity

Indirect costs

  • Increased managerial and administrative time
  • Interrupted workflow
  • Reduced productivity
  • Loss of customers

While the majority of sickness absence may be genuine there will always be an element of false sickness absence or absence due to employee lifestyle choices. In many companies if this is not managed closely it can create a culture of absenteeism and will increase costs and impact on business performance.

False sick absence is bad for business and needs to be investigated and disciplinary action should be taken against any employee found to be abusing the system.

Employees may take false sick absence for many reasons such as moonlighting, laziness, attend a football match, other sporting event or even go on holiday abroad.

Our private investigators are experienced in carrying out surveillance quickly and efficiently against employees suspected of false sick absence. We will gather the evidence and provide you with detailed report following our surveillance observations along with the supporting evidence suitable for use at an Employment Tribunal should it be required.

Lifestyle choices can also lead to increased sickness absence, such as drug or alcohol misuse, physical activity, sports or family related absence. If you think lifestyle choices are affecting an employee’s ability to attend work regularly, our private investigators will gather the evidence enabling you to manage the employee’s attendance more closely and set out your expectations for improvement, ultimately saving your business money.

The cost of a private investigator can easily be recovered, as employees will be aware that you will not tolerate false sick absence and if you suspect it is happening it will be investigated thereby reducing sick absence levels and other misconduct.

Call us today and let us help you protect your costs and your reputation.

Accident Investigations

At MH Investigators we choose to refer to accidents as incidents because there is always a reason why it occurred, such as an employee not following safety procedures or a manager that overlooks unsafe conditions and practices, creating an unsafe culture, in order to get the job done more quickly.

Accidents/Incidents at work can be a costly affair for any size business. Whether it’s damage to assets or personal injury, businesses have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure they have robust Health and Safety Policies and procedures in place to prevent accidents in the workplace and improve overall safety and wellbeing for employees and visitors.

Even with the best procedures in place people will get injured or property will be damaged. Therefore it is important that detailed investigations are carried out quickly to identify any unsafe acts or conditions that may have contributed to the incident and to establish the root cause or causes so that remedial action can be taken to protect your business.

It is important to remember to isolate the scene of the accident immediately, so that all the evidence can be preserved prior to investigating the accident, this will always help speed up the investigation by providing vital evidence that could have been missed if the accident area becomes contaminated.

Our private investigators have many years’ experience investigating workplace accidents and road traffic collisions and will provide you with a fully comprehensive report with our findings taking into account all the facts based on witness interviews, injured party interviews, medical reports and a full reconstruction of the accident.

Employee Theft

Employee theft and fraud costs UK Businesses billions of pounds every year in losses. Many companies hire private investgators to investigate and obtain the facts before making the decision to pursue criminal charges against their employee(s), this is because it may not be possible to get a conviction to prove beyond all reasonable doubt a criminal offence has taken place however it is not as difficult to prove on the balance of probability that a civil offence has occurred.

At MH Investigators our private investigators will carry out a full investigation, interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence so you can make informed decisions relating to disciplinary action. There are various methods we use such as covert surveillance cameras, undercover surveillance, audio and video recording, vehicle tracking and witness interviews.

Conduct Investigations

Our private investigators will help handle any workplace conduct investigations on your behalf. This is especially useful to smaller businesses who don’t have the resources available to carry out detailed investigations. Using an independent private investigator to handle your conduct case can improve employee relations by demonstrating fairness and impartiality. It is also useful in helping prevent grievances and employment tribunal involvement. With many years’ experience our private investigators are ready to help investigate any workplace conduct issues you may have. All our reports will be suitable as evidence in legal proceedings so please call us now.

Bullying and Harassment Investigations

Bullying and harassment means any unwanted behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated, degraded, humiliated or offended. It is not necessarily always obvious or apparent to others, and may happen in the workplace without an employer's awareness.

Bullying or harassment can be between two individuals or it may involve groups of people. It might be obvious or it might be insidious. It may be persistent or an isolated incident. It can also occur in written communications, by phone or through email, social media and not just face-to-face.

Under the Equality Act 2010, harassment is unwanted conduct which is related to one of the following: age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation and is therefore unlawful.

At MH Investigators we will carry out the investigation on your behalf and provide you with impartial and detailed facts of the case enabling you to make informed business decisions. Allowing a private investigator to handle the case will help promote impartiality and improve the perception of fairness providing benefits in building employee and industrial relations.

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