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Our private investigators carry out mobile, static, remote, electronic surveillance operations dependant on the needs of the client, sometimes we may use all techniques at the same time. Surveillance can be costly and achieve very little without advanced and detailed planning therefore our private investigators will always look to gain as much intelligence as possible before planning a surveillance operation, thereby avoiding unnecessary costs.

When carrying out surveillance operations our private investigators will record all observations such as persons coming and going, time of day and verification of the time of day such as the postman delivering or the window cleaner collecting his fees. All our photographic images contain the time and date to confirm when the images were taken. Our private investigators will also (where possible without compromising the surveillance) voice record details of any observations when carrying out surveillance to ensure as much information is captured and retained as is possible.

Static Surveillance

During static surveillance the investigator will take position in a car, building or surveillance vehicle that has a clear view of the subjects or subject’s property. The investigator will be situated far enough away from the subject in order to avoid being detected but close enough to gain clear video footage. Static surveillance often precedes mobile surveillance as a starting point for the surveillance.

Mobile Surveillance

Mobile Surveillance is suitable for following a subject when the investigator needs to find out where they are going, when and who they are associating with and why. Our experienced private investigators will carry out mobile surveillance in a vehicle or on foot in order to gather the evidence you require.

Surveillance can be used for many reasons:

  • To confirm who someone is, where they are or if they are going somewhere else, why? Often used in cheating partner investigations.
  • To establish a subjects routines and habits in order to create a full profile of the subject, where they spend their time and who they spend it with and what they like to do.
  • To gain information on insurance fraud or benefit fraud in order to establish if a claimant is genuine or not.
  • To gather evidence of criminal or illicit activity in fraud or theft cases and also during infidelity investigations.
  • To find people who may be missing either intentionally or unintentionally, whether it is a lost relative, missing teenage or the beneficiary of a will.
  • To confirm the reliability of information provided by witnesses.
    • Often prior to carrying out surveillance our investigators will use GPS trackers to gather evidence of the subject’s whereabouts in order to plan where the surveillance should commence and when.

      Our investigators will gather as much background information as possible before planning a surveillance operation to ensure that wasted hours are not spent being unproductive waiting for something to happen. At MH Investigators we always have the best interests of our clients above of everything we do.

      Technical Surveillance

      During an investigation it is possible to gather a lot of information using electronic means to support surveillance operations such as:

      • Phone monitoring devices
      • GPS Vehicle Trackers
      • GPS Personal Trackers
      • Video Recording Device
      • Audio Recording Device
      • Computer Interception
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