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Other Services

We offer many other investigation services as listed on this page. We also offer bespoke investigation services, tailored to your needs. If you cannot find the service you are looking for on our website, please contact us with details of your situation and we will let you know how we can help you.

Computer Forensics

There may be many reasons why you need to obtain computer forensics such as suspicion of infidelity, parental protection, or data recovery. Computer monitoring software and keylogging devices are used by parents concerned about the safety of their children whilst they are using a computer, particularly when they are online.

MH Investigators will carry out computer forensics in order to obtain information relating to what the device is being used for.

MH Investigators we may use computer forensics combined with other investigation methods to obtain the best results from our investigations.

  • Social Media Tracking
  • Adult Site Detection
  • Key Stroke Logger
  • Window Password Bypassing
  • Data Recovery
  • Chat Logger

Parental Phone Forensics

As with computer forensics we can apply the same principles to mobile phones such as setting up monitoring and tracking services to protect your children from being exposed to personal risk. In addition we provide mobile phone recovery services for both iphones and Android devices.

Dating Site Scams

With the increase in online dating sites there is the inevitable increase in attraction for criminal activity and people who using dating sites for the wrong reasons. Reasons may be extorting money from somebody they have met online, arranging marriage to gain citizenship of another country and many other types of fraud. MH Investigators will discreetly investigate the suspect and provide you with details of who they really are along with evidence to help put your mind at rest and help you make more informed decisions.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our investigators will deploy and retreive GPS tracking devices to monitor vehicle movements in real time. Our investigators will provide you with your own unique pin to access the tracker in real time from your own computer. GPS trackers are particularly useful when planning a starting point to commence surveillance as the GPS system will provide details of all routes and locations visited along with the duration.

If you suspect your partner is cheating, MH Investigators recommend deploying a GPS tracker, in order to quickly gather evidence to confront your partner.

Mystery Shopper

Our mystery shopper service is tailored to your exact requirements.

Our private investigators will carry out telephone mystery shopping services in order to gauge the time taken to answer the call, if the call is answered professionally, and within company protocol, and details of our overall experience. Our investigators will also record knowledge of services and offer improvement suggestions to improve the callers overall experience with your company.

We will also carry out physical covert workplace or retail mystery shopping and surveillance providing you with a detailed report of our findings

If you require we will test employee ability to manage complaints, difficult customers, or other processes in order to identify employee skills gaps or misconduct

Whatever your situation MH Investigators will provide a tailored made package to meet your specific requirements.

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