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MH Investigators provide a number of matrimonial investigation services from pre-nuptial investigations before you get married to helping you prepare your case for the divorce courts, whether it is divorce, child custody or financial arrangements we can help!

We understand that the end of a marriage can be hard for everyone involved, therefore you can be assured, MH investigators will always be sympathetic and understanding whatever the situation and we are not here to judge you.

MH Investigators will be happy to support you in building your case for any part of the divorce process, investigating cheating partners, unreasonable behaviour, abusive partners, assets, and cohabitation or any other investigations that you require.

Contact one of our friendly advisors now, for a free, confidential, no obligation discussion so we can provide you with a quote!


Do you want to find out more about your partner before you marry them, we can carry out pre-nuptial checks, gathering information about their back ground, financial status, family history, criminal records, employment and any other relevant information. It is always better to have the information now rather than risk ending up in the divorce courts later.

At MH Investigators we provide tailored background checks to meet the needs of our clients. We can quickly obtain and verify financial, personal and other historic information to help you make more informed decisions prior to undertaking any financial, contractual or personal commitments.


If you are going through divorce or separation and need to demonstrate unreasonable behaviour, our investigators will obtain the supporting evidence you need in order to support your case in the family courts.

We will carry out covert surveillance in your home, also mobile surveillance and obtain audio and video footage of physical or verbal abuse and any unreasonable behaviour, we will also gather evidence of any police call outs.

Our investigators also investigate cheating partners to support your divorce case should you apply for divorce on the grounds of adultery.

If you are going through a divorce and suspect your estranged partner may be cohabitating with a new partner our private investigators will investigate and let you know.

If you are considering applying for divorce on the grounds of desertion or living apart for five years we will compile evidence such as current and previous residence details, employment history, and if they are cohabitating, along with any other information that is identified during the course of the investigation.

Child Custody

If there is a dispute over which partner should have custody of the children, MH investigators can gather information regarding the suitability of a parent, particularly if you believe the other partner may be a risk to the children. Our private investigators will provide you with a detailed factual report, suitable for presenting your case to the courts.

MH Investigators will also investigate cases of suspected child abuse or child neglect to protect children and support child residency cases for the benefit of the child.

Asset Investigations

MH Investigations know the division of assets during divorce proceedings is always a difficult compromise. We will investigate all assets ensuring that we reveal as much information as possible to ensure an equitable division of the former matrimonial assets.

We will establish earnings, financial or other information, our private investigators can help gather the information you need, whether it relates to the division of assets or hidden financial information we will be happy to help.

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