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Company Fraud

Company fraud is inevitable due to the economic downturn therefore it is important to protect your business from fraud. Our private investigators will investigate any type of fraud either covertly or overtly whether it is employees taking company assets, sick absence fraud or even forgery of company documents for person financial gain.

Whatever your situation MH Investigators can help reduce and prevent further losses.

Personal Injury Fraud

At MH Investigators we believe that a quality accident investigation can help prevent personal injury fraud. It is also known that some employees view businesses as an easy opportunity to seek compensation and therefore over state their injuries. Our private investigators will investigate suspected personal injury fraud and gather evidence to dispute the level of injuries if any. The cost of a private investigator is nominal when you consider the cost of paying out compensation if you cannot disprove the level of injuries sustained.

Motor Insurance Fraud

Motor insurance fraud is estimated to cost the UK insurance market over £1 billion annually. Opportunist claims are supplemented by claims orchestrated by highly organised and sophisticated criminal gangs.

Fraudulent and dishonest claims are a major problem for the insurance industry and fraud is alleged in a number of the cases we see. To establish that fraud has taken place, evidence of dishonesty, inconsistent statements or acts of deception must be present. The fact that an employee of a company may be personally satisfied of the claimant's bad faith, it is not sufficient proof of dishonesty

MH Investigators will review the scene of the collision, gather evidence from witnesses and carry out a reconstruction of the accident scene. If there is any doubt, then we will provide the evidence.

Our investigators will be happy to investigate any type of motor insurance fraud such as:

  • Contrived Accidents - Claiming for damage sustained in a collision that did not occur
  • Induced Road Traffic Collision - Deliberately induced accident or ‘slam-on’ consists of organised criminals targeting innocent motorists by provoking collisions to facilitate compensation payment for this such as injury damage, hire vehicles, recovery and storage. Commercial vehicles are particularly popular targets.
  • Phantom Passenger Claims - Opportunist and organised phantom passenger claims can arise as a result of both genuine and staged accidents.
  • Staged Accidents - Depending on the complexity of the fraud, two or more individuals will deliberately crash their vehicles into each other, potentially resulting in claims for: damage caused, injuries sustained, car hire costs, vehicle recovery, storage etc.
  • Application Fraud - A policyholder dishonestly misrepresents or fails to disclose material facts in order to lower the insurance premium. This can include non-disclosure of claims history, points on a driving licence, and/or car modifications.
  • Fronting - A type of application fraud where a policy is purchased using another’s details to gain more favourable terms.
  • Opportunistic Fraud - Opportunistic Fraud is not a ‘separate’ fraud type in the truest sense. Opportunistic frauds can be committed on all types of insurance, from motor or commercial liability personal injury claims to property, pet or travel insurance and beyond. It consists of an individual submitting a false claim either on a single or multiple occasions.

Our professional investigators will handle any fraud investigations quickly, efficiently and with complete discretion.

Contact us today, for a free, confidential, no obligation, discussion!

Other Insurance Fraud

MH Investigators also investigate other types of insurance fraud:

  • Commercial Liability Fraud - Employers Liability (EL) insurance is compulsory and insures for injury, disease or death to employees arising from their employment. Public Liability (PL) insurance relates to bodily injury or death to members of the public or damage to their property as a result of the company’s business activities. Claims can be made by both the insured company and third parties. Some are highly organised with a large total value, many are petty and opportunistic. Frauds include the exaggeration of genuine injuries and / or the loss incurred as a result of a genuine incident, or fictitious incidents.
  • Professional Enablers - Professional enablers are the associated professionals e.g. solicitors, engineers, doctors and vets, who are complicit in submitting and progressing fraudulent claims, from staged accidents to fictitious personal injury claims. Other specialist service providers such as Accident Management Companies (AMCs), recovery agents and engineers also come under this umbrella.
  • Internal Fraud - Employees of insurers are in the unique position of fully understanding insurance processes and the triggers which may indicate insurance fraud. This knowledge can enable them to submit fraudulent claims and remain ‘under the radar’ or aide the progress of false claims submitted by others.
  • Data Theft - Information illegally obtained from insurance companies can be sold on to accident management companies or personal injury solicitors. In turn, personal information is misused to solicit and ‘induce’ potential claimants into submitting personal injury claims, sometimes with little regard for its validity.
  • Illegal Intermediaries (Ghost Brokers) - Illegal Intermediaries are described as “an individual or group, who set up policies for members of the general public, deliberately misrepresenting themselves as an insurance broker, agent or insurer for profit.” The customer will provide correct information to the “broker”, but they alter information provided to the insurer in order to reduce the price. The insurance policy the customer pays for will be invalid because it will not match their true details. They could be left uninsured without knowing about it.

  • Sick Absence Fraud

    While the majority of sickness absence may be genuine there will always be an element of false sickness absence or absence due to employee lifestyle choices. In many companies if this is not managed closely it can create a culture of absenteeism and will increase costs and impact on business performance.

    Our private investigators are experienced in carrying out surveillance quickly and efficiently against employees suspected of false sick absence. We will gather the evidence and provide you with detailed report following our surveillance observations along with the supporting evidence suitable for use at an Employment Tribunal should it be required.

    Lifestyle choices can also lead to increased sickness absence, such as drug or alcohol misuse, physical activity, sports or family related absence. If you think lifestyle choices are affecting an employee’s ability to attend work regularly, our private investigators will gather the evidence enabling you to manage the employee’s attendance more closely and set out your expectations for improvement, ultimately saving your business money.

    For more information on employee sick absence please refer to our workplace page.

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