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Cheating Partner

If you suspect your partner is cheating let us investigate and you will know for sure. Our private investigators can carry out extensive surveillance operations utilising state of the art vehicle tracking and mobile surveillance techniques to establish where your partner is going, who they are meeting, and why. We will also perform checks to gain information about the person your partner is cheating with. Our private investigators will always endeavour to gather as much information as possible to get you the answers you seek.

If your intuition tells you something is wrong then it probably is and you need to find out for sure. Sometimes suspicions can be unfounded and irrational therefore we have compiled a list of some of the signs your partner may be cheating on you:

Spotting the signs

  • Their daily routine has changed and they or they suddenly start work earlier and finish later on certain days.
  • They suddenly become distant and pre-occupied and don’t talk to you as much as they usually do.
  • They are more argumentative than normal, this is often a tactic to offset their guilt onto you
  • Their friends appearing uncomfortable around you could be sign they know something.
  • They are having to attend a lot of overnight business trips even at the weekend.
  • They have suddenly got a new friend that you had never heard being mentioned before.
  • They leave the room to answer their telephone calls away from you.
  • They keep their mobile phone out of sight and get a lot of text messages that you do not see.
  • They close their laptop or computer when you enter the room.
  • They are spending more money than usual and don’t know what it is being spent on.
  • They have improved their personal hygiene and appearance in how they dress, wearing aftershave or perfume that they didn’t before.
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